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Did bad things happen in the past? Yes, yes they did.

Are people from that era, if still alive, owed reparations? Absolutely.

Are people that have never been born into the same hardships, the same bigotry, and the same difficulties, owed anything? Well let’s see…..Absolutely not.

Guess who’s owed anything in this world? Those that were wronged in a way that can be amended are owed, but apart from that no one is owed a damned thing. You want it? Go out, pull your big-person pants up, and EARN it, just like anyone else. The idea that anyone is going to give you a life because of your race, your skin color, or anything else is ludicrous. Playing the victim is a tool used by those that can’t do for themselves, that think that they’re owed something, and that wish to whine and piss and moan about the iniquities of life.

Guess what though? That’s life.

You’re born into this world naked and screaming and completely helpless. The fact that someone takes the time to care for you is something you should be grateful for. The fact that someone takes the effort to raise you, feed you, clothe you, and see to your well-being is something you should be grateful for. The world owes you NOTHING. Those in the world OWE YOU NOTHING.

Telling yourself that you can’t get out of a situation is victimhood. Telling yourself that you’re stuck, that nothing will ever change, is a sign of a weak mind that can’t think around the simplest of corners in order to change their lives.

If you want to be the victim, then go piss and moan in the corner. If you want to be a winner and take responsibility for your own actions and your own failures and your own success, then step on up.

Anyone can do it, you just need to stop acting the fool and pulling the victim card.

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