I stayed while you went, and remember you when you’re gone.

Said the mountain to the wind.

You move to and fro, and keep traveling on.

My friend you stay put and don’t change much at all.

Said the wind to the mountain

I rise and I coast on by watching you stand tall.

My place is here, says the mountain, I keep it well and stay strong.

My place is the sky, says the wind, I’m in no one place for that long.

I enjoy our talks, our times, and our bond, says the wind to the mountain

It gladdens me to see you still here.

Who would I speak to and call upon

If you were not here?

Says the mountain, Your nature is clear to me and to all

You’ll find new vistas whether I stand or fall.

Your purpose remains the same as mine in this world, and is known only to you.

No one may possess what is meant to be you.

We all have those friends that come and go in our lives, some best friends, some passing acquaintances. The important part is that they enrich our lives, grant us the peace and serenity to understand how important it is to trust one another, and to rely on each other when in need. While we might not see them for years, or we might see them every day, those friends we value in this life are those that make life worth living, and are the strength we rely on to carry on.

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