There’s something there, I know there is, no matter that I can’t always feel it.

Somewhere between the creator and the creation there’s a connection that goes deeper than anything that anyone understands.

The bond between the creator and the created is a link that can’t be severed no matter if one sells their creation, destroys it, burns it, erases it, or simply gives it away.

It remains theirs, their own, and their idea that was brought into the world born on wings of whatever medium they chose.

They are the creator that brought it to life, the one that had the initial spark deep within their mind, their heart, perhaps even their soul.

Do they own it though?

Do they continue to own that which they’ve disowned?

Do they have any right to that which they are forever connected despite their lack of ownership?

Do they?

There is a connection, there’s no doubt of this link that binds them forever.

But does it give them the right to their creation?

What does it take to sever the connection?

Is there anything?

Is there?

There is a connection there, I know there is.

-take this as you will into the New Year. We grow, we move on, we change, but that connection is always there, like it or not.


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