“No one owes you anything.”

-Amelia Boone

Does anyone understand that these days? Be it a woman that thinks that she’s being held down because she’s a woman, or anyone of any other ethnicity that believes that their race, skin color, or nationality is keeping them down, the idea seems to be that since they’re not white and male, their lives will be more difficult because of it. The sound you should hear next are the crickets that come when people are literally forced into a silent moment as they try to assimilate the utterly moronic view that anyone is able to be held back simply because they were born to one race or another, or were born anything but male.

Because obviously at this point in the US, being born white and male is the ultimate trump card, no pun intended, simply because so many people seem to think that we (yes I am a white male) are given everything and given the kind of life that is simple, privileged, and all in all just better than anyone else.

Yeah, and if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

Let’s counter those arguments shall we?

  1. White men are not privileged unless they’re born to rich families, which many of us are not. Those that are granted any type of privilege are those that are born into families where privilege was hard-won by the generations before them, meaning that someone WORKED to gain that fortune, and was likely white or otherwise depending upon their family tree. Those white men in this day and age that are supposedly ‘privileged’ and yet don’t have the personal fortune to really back this up are typically those that work for their money, meaning that the only real privilege they have comes from their willingness to work, the endurance to work long hours, and the fortitude to stick with any menial or skilled labor they can find unless their education is great enough to afford them a higher-paying position. Privilege might very well be enjoyed by some, but quite honestly, there is little privilege in busting your ass for yourself, for your family, and for the opportunity to earn a living. If that’s what privilege is then we’re all privileged, which is a point that many people simply miss during their inane ranting and raving.
  2. White men today are not slave owners. That’s right, no one OWNS anyone any longer, no matter that so many people have used the term ‘slavery’ in a much broader term to justify their own arguments. Many people alive today are those that have had the choice to take on a service job that pays them to serve others, but to still remain a free individual that is able to do what they want in life. Those that remain today that can recall the horrible times when those of other colors and races were ill-treated and experienced such things deserve reparations, as they were the ones that went through it, they’re the ones that had to suffer. The rest of you need to recognize that you were born free and are free no matter how much you seek to play the part of the victim.
  3. There are white men that are a serious problem in this country, of that there’s no doubt. Yet lumping us all together, saying that we’re all the problem, that being a white male is enough to make a person an enemy, that all white people are racist, is just as bad as a white person being an unapologetic racist. There’s no dividing line there save for the color and race of the individual. Believe it or not, EVERYONE can be racist, no matter what color or nationality you are. It’s very possible for every last person on this earth to be racist since it’s a LEARNED set of beliefs. Racism is not inherent, nor is it innate to any single person. Hate and racism are learned behaviors people, they’re not bound to one race or another.

This is the world we live in, and honestly it’s one that’s a bit unnerving to be raising the next generation in.

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