“Back in the day wasn’t perfect, but it worked.”


A lot of us these days are looking around at the world as it sits and wondering ‘what the hell happened?’. People are getting offended by the slightest things that they never expressed any problems with years before. They’re taking up for causes that they could have easily championed years before now and claiming that things have been heading this way for decades if not longer. They’re making claims that aren’t based on evidence of any kind, only stories, feelings, and emotions that they believe are completely valid based on whatever agenda they wish to push forward.

How the hell did this happen? The sad part is that those of us that belong to the past generations can’t really claim complete innocence. There are those of us that wanted the generations after us to succeed, to do better, to live an easier life than we had, and the problem therein is that we started to give them things, to grant them chances in life that they didn’t need to fully work for. Does anyone dispute this? We wanted better for them, and as a result gave more than taught when it came to their ability to earn a living.

The result at this point is that confusion and entitlement has become the norm. Those that can’t do for themselves stick their hands out, they blame the world around them for the chances they don’t have, the chances they’ve missed, and the opportunities that are not ‘given’ to them. In other words, we don’t give enough because we’ve given so much that they figure we should keep on giving.

The sad truth is that this is what’s happened, no matter that people don’t want to admit it. Blaming someone else for being unable to survive on your own thanks to a lack of skills is far easier than taking ownership that you can’t figure out how to be a free-thinking individual that can make your own decisions. Anyone remember how that would have been dealt with in the past? We would have been laughed at, we would have been called weak, and people would have expected us to pull ourselves up and figure life out.

Nowadays those people are being given the type of help you would normally give an invalid or a mentally disabled individual.

Back in the day we didn’t get offended by everything, we didn’t cry over things that didn’t deserve that kind of emotional output, and we certainly didn’t shy away from discussions concerning the different ideals we held. We said what we had to say, we handled our business, and we went on with our lives. There are still people crying over one issue or another that has been largely settled over the years, creating drama because THEIR lives are in the pisser and trying to gain followers to THEIR cause.

It’s the era of “Give me things because I want to act like a victim”. And to be honest, it can’t end soon enough.


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