If you’ve learned anything in the last two years since Trump took office it’s this: protesters will never listen to anything that doesn’t involve agreeing with their ideals. While most of them will gladly talk your ear off about what they believe in and why, very few of them will stay quiet for long when you decide to disagree with them. You can probably guess where I’m going with this so I won’t delay the inevitable, Antifa is the worst among them all.

Why? If you’re asking that then you might have decided, like a lot of other rational beings, to simply stay out of it and not allow yourself to think about the black-clad, moronic musings of the supposedly anti-fascist group that seems to pop up whenever they catch a whiff of anything that smells like injustice or a good reason to provoke others. The moment anyone tries to speak to them, especially if that person doesn’t fully agree with their beliefs, they’re either a fascist, a Nazi, or a white supremacist, no matter what color, religion, or race they are. Yep, a group that preaches tolerance and a love for all humanity makes assumptions about others on little more than a minor disagreement of values and ideals, but they’re ‘tolerant’.

It’s easy to call out individuals in these groups, and Luis Marquez, a known instigator that’s been arrested more than once, is among the worst of them. He’s one of the black-clad individuals that will actually provoke a fight, will talk as much as he can while backed by dozens of his fellow Antifa members, and then call other people out because they won’t do anything. The moment he’s challenged however his mouth starts to run, unless someone says something that shuts him up, you know, something logical that he can’t possibly argue against.

This is how it is however, while many of the groups that have decided to march and protest in support of their ideals are free to do this and free to say what they want, it doesn’t make them free to block roadways, destroy property, or be a general nuisance to those that are stuck in the middle just trying to get through their day. The ‘good’ they believe they’re doing is more harmful than anything that’s happened in the last two years, but trying to tell them this is about as productive as banging your head against a wall. At least that headache can be alleviated by painkillers.

With Antifa and all the rest there’s no set solution yet that won’t go against everything that people on both sides believe in.

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