Take a good look, this is what we’re promoting on YouTube and the kind of girls, GIRLS mind you, not ladies, that are gaining popularity these days. Thankfully they’re not the bar that many others aspire to, but the damage they do is more than enough that they seem to inspire millions still that think their lifestyles are worth emulating.

If you don’t know who they are then here’s a little refresher course.

On the left you have a rather sad case called Woah Vicky, a seeming YouTube sensation, a white girl that thinks she’s black somehow and yet talks in a manner that no black or white woman would ever recognize as an actual accent. There are third graders that speak with more eloquence than she does, and likely have a much better time understanding what it means when your skin is pure white and doesn’t contain a trace of darkness that isn’t brought on by tanning.

On the right is the ‘cash me ousside’ girl, Danielle Bregoli, who came to fame as an internet meme after appearing on Dr. Phil to show the world just how much of a spoiled brat she really was and how cool she thought she sounded.

Both of them are white folks, without apologies they are white. Yet they both want to act in a stereotypical way that, somehow, has gotten them noticed since the idea of popularity these days seems to stem from looking at what seems like the most ridiculous thing you can find in the media and running with it to appease the people that want to laugh. Unfortunately this also means that some demented wingnuts are going to find it appealing and think that the people being put in the spotlight are genuine talents.

The bar is lowering when it comes to entertainment, no matter how both young women need a serious reality check. In fact it’s safe to say the bar has lowered if young women with this kind of inane attitude and self-delusions can gain a following of a million or more.


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