May 23rd, 2019

Sunset Key, Florida

The water was warm as it folded around him, welcoming Evan as it always did, almost as though it had expected him to come at this time. His father’s voice was still a dim sound in the distance, but as his head slipped beneath the surface it was erased entirely as a new sound began to come to him through the shifting currents, beckoning Evan forward as he moved even deeper, feeling the rough surface of the sea floor beneath his feet as he continued to move along, knowing that the surface would descend for only a short bit as he pictured the site he was surely moving towards in his mind.

He didn’t know why his mother thought it was her right to tell him what to do, but it didn’t matter. Evan was going to do what he wanted no matter what she said, he wasn’t a child any longer after all. The stories of his grandfather couldn’t have been true anyway, the old man had likely just lost his way no matter what anyone said.

Wait, what?

He shook his head, wondering where that thought had come from. His grandfather had known these waters better than most and couldn’t have possibly gotten lost, or even disoriented. Plus, he’d never had a negative thought about the old man in his life. So why was he now?

In the next second it didn’t matter as he stopped walking and began to swim, holding his breath on instinct as the tingle in his lungs told him that he’d been close to forgetting that he was beneath the waves now. He would have to find the gate soon or risk having to come up and be found by his father or worse, his mother. The lecture she’d be likely to give him would be epic he could imagine, but he wanted find…

The ring.

He saw it as he turned to his left, frowning slightly. Hadn’t it been a little further from shore when he’d last come this way? Turning to look back in the direction he’d come Evan felt his eyes widen as he realized he could barely see the surface where he’d come from. Somehow he’d crossed the distance from the shore to this point without realizing it, and all on a single lungful of air. Last time he’d had to swim the surface and dive several times to find the spot.

So how…?

Once again, as something took control it didn’t matter. Evan began to make his way towards the stone ring, his lungs beginning to burn as strangely he disregarded the feeling.

Getting to the ring was the only thing that mattered.

(to be continued)

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