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It’s no country for conversation any longer. Why would I say that? Have you seen the webcasts and news lately? It doesn’t matter if there’s a protest or just a conversation happening on TV, the likelihood that it won’t devolve into a shouting match or at least a heated moment between two or more individuals is getting lower and lower by the day.

Why is that? Well, if one person can’t get their way and convince someone that they’re right then the volume tends to go up. If the volume goes up without any resolution then the aggression begins to go up. And when that happens something usually seems ready to pop off at any moment.

There’s few conversations that go on between those with opposing ideals in this day and age that don’t devolve into something that ends up hurting the feelings of someone and angering another. The saddest part of this is that it would be so easy to just it, relax, and speak one’s viewpoint in a respectful and peaceful manner. There’s really no need to block roadways, shout at others, and instigate the kind of violence that’s come around as of late.

Arguing is all well and good, we’re human, we’re not going to agree all the time since our ideologies are always going to be different between one person and another. When we sit down and discuss whatever facts there are to be contributed and agree to disagree then it’s possible to be civil. The moment someone starts name-calling and throwing shade of any type at another the discourse breaks down and, well, we get what we’ve had for the past couple of years, and longer.

It’s no country for conversation any longer.


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