Let’s get this out there to start with: being obese is a difficult thing for some people to talk about. Some don’t care, others don’t want to speak on it, and still others would argue that being obese and being healthy is entirely possible.

Um, no.

It’s very easy to argue with people over what qualifies them as being obese since looking at the charts that have been created it seems kind of ludicrous to say that an average man that stands over six feet tall shouldn’t be over 200 lbs. in weight. Personally I’m 6’2″ and when I was in the best shape of my life in college I was still weight in around 225 if not a little more. So technically I was overweight, but just as technically it felt as though my weight couldn’t lower without causing serious harm to my body as I’d grown accustomed to packing around the weight I had.

This is where disagreements come from and where harm begins to emerge on both sides of the argument. Being obese is in fact very harmful, and it’s even classified as a disease.

Okay, again, no.

Being obese can certainly LEAD to diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, but it’s not the disease itself. Is the disease responsible for compulsive eating? Does it force a person to shovel food into their mouth? No, not really? Then it’s not a disease, it’s a lack of willpower that keeps people from being able to say no and shove the bag of donuts or chips or whatever away. Many people want to replace the idea of self-control with the idea that they simply can’t say no to that tasty-looking slice of pie that has more calories in it than a full meal that might fulfill their dietary needs in a much better fashion.

Dieting isn’t the trick, but neither is shoveling food into your mouth to make you feel better. Exercise is a good idea, so is getting up and doing things that you normally don’t do, like walking to the store instead of driving, or maybe even get up and walk around the house a few times instead of sitting in front of the TV doing nothing.

Our obsession with obesity is that it’s easier to combat than people think. The trick is getting your butt up and doing something instead of sitting there and letting it get wider.


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