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There’s a very good reason why I get so down on Antifa and not the other side, the other side doesn’t cause as many problems throughout society as Antifa does. Don’t believe me? Watch a few YouTube clips and you might change your mind, or not. Those groups that Antifa frequently squares off with have their faults without a doubt, but unlike Antifa they aren’t causing massive problems within the spaces they choose to march.

It’s true, both groups contribute to a part of the problem with this country when it comes to how ideals are presented and how they’re slavishly adhered to in some cases. But while both groups tend to come prepared for trouble to break out, it’s usually Antifa that starts it. Is that really the message that needs to be sent? Plus, the idea of wearing a mask, hiding your identity, and yet claiming that you have such strong beliefs is more than a little contradictory. If you’re going to believe in something then have the kind of pride that it takes to stand up and be counted, don’t cower behind a mask so you can break the law and get away with it. Cowards do that, which is why Antifa is little more than a social gathering for those that can’t fight their own battles.

But to the article…..

Why would I liken Antifa to crows? To be honest it’s kind of an insult to the avian species since they at least serve some purpose within nature, though it’s hard to figure out what it is sometimes. Much like a crow however, Antifa are highly annoying creatures that are insanely repetitive and either continue to say the same thing over and over or make no noise at all. Antifa members are particularly good at both when someone challenges their belief, especially when someone trumps them with a bit of knowledge they weren’t prepared for.

Also take note, you’ll hardly ever see a crow fight on their own unless they have no choice. Antifa members are much the same, they’re nothing without numbers and they know this, as with at least dozen or more members they’re insanely brave, but when faced with a situation where the numbers are against them they’ll either clam up or seek the best route that offers them an escape from the beatdown they might be facing. Ever see a murder of crows mob other birds in nature? That’s more or less what Antifa members will do when they know the numbers are on their side.

More than anything, Antifa are the crows of society since they’re an annoying presence that never seems to go away and simply has to croak their garbage rhetoric in the hopes that they’ll be taken seriously. Yes the other groups they stand against are just as ridiculous, but Antifa takes the bar and raises it to a level that most groups can’t reach and wouldn’t even try.

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