“It’s not fear of the dark itself, it’s what hides within the most hidden parts of it.”


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Many people think that a fear of the dark is something for children to obsess over, a nighttime terror that is felt by those too young to associate the truth of the dark with the reality that exists beyond their sense of reasoning. That might be valid if such a belief hadn’t been debunked a long time ago. Some kids simply aren’t afraid of the dark and never have been. Some adults however have never seen the link develop between reality and the fears that their overactive minds constantly produce concerning the dark.

It’s not something to be ashamed of, though it is something that might be wise to work past since fear of the dark is something quite vague that can encompass a wide array of fears that make little sense and don’t always coincide with a rational, healthy mindset.

We fear the dark for the same reason that our ancestors did if you want the honest truth. The dark brings forth a great many dangers that we don’t feel equipped to deal with since we can’t see them coming. In the days before civilization mankind was vulnerable in the dark, they were exposed, forced to either hide or find ways to defend themselves against a world in which predators had adapted to hunt their prey in day or night. This gave rise to the beliefs that many still entertain today, that darkness is evil, that it is the domain of all things vile and destructive. While that might be so and is a very strong belief within many, it is still something that inhibits people instead of setting them free.

Daylight is just as scary as the night if you want the honest truth. Being able to see what’s coming isn’t much better than not being able to see. At least at night there’s a good chance you can disappear as well as the things that might stalk you. In the daylight, there’s little cover to be found.

Fear of the dark isn’t bound to the shadows, it’s due to what lies behind them. Once you stop worrying about what’s not there the darkness becomes just another night. It sounds easy of course, but making that link between rational thought and peace of mind is kind of difficult. But it’s worth it.

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