“The only limits of words are the meaning which is affixed to them.”



Think about that for a moment. Whether spoken, written, or typed, words have a great deal of power that is given to them by the speaker, or the writer. The belief that is packed into each syllable is palpable in many cases, powerful beyond measure if it is strong enough, and hollow and empty if they come by rote from another source. The power of the words we use isn’t bound up in the word itself, but in the belief we bring to bear when using them. Words are utterances, symbols, nothing more than another form of expression that is used to communicate feeling, meaning, and purpose between individuals, but the power they carry when an individual charges them is very real.

This is why we must take care with our words and how we use them. Too many people throw words into the ether to be used as little more than an inane mantra that carries little to no meaning but is meant to act as a shield against a world they refuse to fully understand. The guise of such words is often to hide the ignorance that lies behind them, though in truth it denotes the lack of wisdom through a stubborn form of arrogance that their words are those that carry any hint of power. In essence, those that chant their words in a repetitive manner are throwing up verbal smoke bombs to prevent their detractors from seeing behind the guise they weave, thereby denying them the idea that they have little to any clue as to what they’re saying or why.

Words do have power, but this power isn’t bound in the words themselves, but the convictions that are allowed to infuse every syllable and consonant as they spill from our lips or make their way onto the page. The power we possess in the form of communication is both vast and very underrated, but is also taken for granted by far too many that claim to believe in the freedom such power brings, while seeking to deny it to others.

If you can understand the inherent power that words bring, then you can appreciate why using them wisely is a habit of the virtuous, while spewing them forth in a tirade is the practice of the foolish.

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