This should be a pretty cut and dried explanation, it’s about giving people equal opportunity, equal pay, equal treatment, and that’s that. Right? Somewhere along the line though that point got lost, and it’s been havoc ever since. Equality hasn’t been equal for a long time, there’s no mystery there. People have been treated differently because of their gender, their race, and even their beliefs for longer than the US has been a nation. But now that we’re in a position to start treating people equally it almost seems as those that are shouting for equality want a little something more.


If you belong to a generation that was oppressed and were in fact openly oppressed at any point in your life then you might be owed some form of reparation from those that wronged you. But if you were born with the freedom and the ability to pull yourself up and do what you can to make your life better, then no one owes you anything. If you’re raised in a poor family that’s not your fault, but it’s also not the fault of a child that’s raised with money. No one has the right to more than what they earn, no matter their background. We want equality? Well to be honest, it doesn’t come from taking what you didn’t earn, and it certainly doesn’t come from demanding extra from others that have more than you.

You want it? Go earn it.

It’s true, a lot of people are living from paycheck to paycheck and sometimes not even that. People are in debt because they’re living well beyond their means, they’re destitute because they can’t find a job, they don’t have the education, they have too many kids to look after, so on and so forth. Harsh and uncaring as it sounds, that’s no one else’s problem but yours. You’re right, that sounds like someone that would keep a person on the street unless they want to earn their way off of it. It sounds like someone that would look upon others that have nothing and say “too bad”.

You made your choices, and you have choices yet to make. No one is holding you down. The victim card is one of the more pathetic and despicable acts to employ when trying to get ahead, as the truth is that if you want a better life, you have only to try for it and do whatever is necessary to get it.

It’s not easy? People don’t just give it to you? That’s life. You aren’t owed a single thing in this life. The idea of being told that anyone owes anyone anything is laughable, as in the modern era, the only thing that is ever owed is what a person earns. Equality comes from what is done to earn the life you want, what is sacrificed in order to gain that life, and what you’re willing to do in order to maintain it.

So what are you willing to do? Are you willing to work? Are you willing to earn? If not, then your arguments about equality are invalid.

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