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So many people love to throw around the word privilege these days as though it’s a condemnation, a justification, and of course, an explanation of why they’re not ahead and someone else is. And if you’re born white and male then you’ve already got two strikes against you since you’ve got the white and male privilege both going for you. But guess what?

Privilege doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Tell a white man living on the street he’s privileged, that he’ll get an advanced place in the soup line over a homeless person of a different color, tell him that he has access to better trash cans because he was born with a lighter skin tone. Does it sound ridiculous yet? Okay, let’s move on.

Let’s move to the working class, those of us that actually bust our butts and bend our backs for the profit of others. Not only is it illegal for someone to pay another person less or more based on their skin tone, but it’s not bound to happen in a great number of areas no matter how many statistics you throw at the problem. Why?

Because no one owes you a damn thing in this life. Get that mentality out of your head. The only privilege that any of us have when we’re born is the air we breathe and the life we cling to. From that point on it becomes a matter of what we’re given and what we do with it. Some folks are given everything as they grow up, and believe it or not, more of those folks are of different races than JUST WHITE and some of the AREN’T MALE. Shocking, isn’t it?

You want to earn more money? Work longer hours. You want to make more per hour? Go to school, be it a university or a trade school, it doesn’t matter. Decide on a course for your life rather than complain about what you don’t have and can’t get because you’re a different color or race. The more energy you waste complaining, the less you have to find a job that you believe will treat you right. If you need it, find a pen, a bus schedule if you don’t have a car, and an area map so you can make your way up and down the nearest avenue applying for every job you can find. That’s privilege, that’s opportunity, and that’s what many people seem to be missing.

Privilege ends the moment you step out on your own. You want to survive? You want to thrive? The streets don’t care what color you are, they’ll be there if you don’t want to put in the work. Do the work, stop making excuses, and realize the truth: this world doesn’t care if you’re black, white, Asian, or any other color or race. It will break your privilege into pieces and leave you with nothing if you aren’t willing to stand up and do the work. Privileged, that’s almost funny.

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