You’re not ‘woke’ if you follow the crowd but can’t explain why. You’re not enlightened if you ascribe to the mob mentality without being able to give a good reason for it, and you’re certainly not a confident, free-thinking person if you feel the need to join with others that promote something you didn’t think was that important before you signed up. The mob mentality is a common condition that anyone that is afraid to speak their mind will side with because it gives them what they perceive as safety in numbers, when all it tends to do is turn them into mindless thugs that can spew what they think are facts and unfortunately are worthless tidbits based on emotional reactions to something they choose not to understand.

It’s true the individual speaker has less protection around them and is an easier target, but it’s also true that they have more heart and are far braver than any that dare to lay claim to bravery when they’re surrounded by dozens if not more of those that claim to follow their beliefs. Bravery is standing alone with your ideals when need be, and to stand up and be recognized for having those ideals. It’s not hiding your face, nor is it banding together to promote exactly what it is you’re fighting for.

The mob always wins because the virus that creates it erases the free thought and even the morality of those that succumb to the illness to the point that they refuse to recognize those they rail against as human beings. In this case the mob is essentially a band of spineless, gutless wonders that fold the moment someone tougher than they are comes along. The mob folds when someone with greater convictions that can back them up stands up and says ‘enough’. The mob tends to care nothing for those that are caught in the middle of their self-righteous machinations, steamrolling anyone and everyone in their path without a thought to the damage they’re doing, all in the name of ‘freedom’.

But the mob has one major flaw, and it’s that they believe that they have power and strength in numbers. Their greatest weakness is what they perceive as their greatest strength.

The mob mentality is an illness that far too many people ascribe to, and one that is the exact opposite of being ‘woke’.

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