Antifa: Cops are tools of the fascist regime! Pigs! You’re tools of a tyrant!

Antifa members get attacked: Do your job! Arrest those people, they assaulted us! They knocked our hoods off, they grabbed our flags, they’re on our side of the street! They pushed past us trying to get into a public place! Arrest them!

The rest of us: Protect yourselves, you obviously don’t trust the cops.

Anyone else feel this way? Antifa members love to show up, cause trouble, and then instigate just enough until something boils over and they push the wrong person. They’re brave when they wear their masks, they’re seemingly indestructible and untouchable when they have numbers, and yet they’ll cry like babies when someone so much as touches them, despite the documented fact that many of them come prepared for violence against others when they show up.

They scream about fascism and not being allowed a voice in America without realizing that they have the right to do just this. Yet they’ll deny honest and logical discourse with anyone that doesn’t share their ideals. They’ll call for the impeachment of the president, they’ll call anyone that doesn’t believe in their ‘movement’ a racist, a bigot, and treat them like the scum of the earth for daring to speak up in any way that’s not in line with their beliefs. Gosh that sounds familiar.

Why are Antifa cowards? It’s easy to misbehave when no one can ID you. It’s simple when you hide behind a mask, dark glasses, and are difficult to distinguish from those standing next to you. Sure, not all of them wear masks, and those are the the ones that have at least a smidgen of courage to them, until you realize they never go anywhere without at least a dozen fellow supporters for backup. Antifa is peaceful? That’s like saying a jackal is just taking a stroll when they happen to see a fresh kill.

The other groups that oppose them aren’t much better, but the one thing they don’t do on a regular basis is cause a fight, a riot, or even block traffic so that people that have no involvement in their cause can move around unimpeded. Antifa members don’t seem to care, they’ll gladly get hit in an attempt to claim vehicular assault. In other words, they’re mask-wearing, narrow-chested thumping pansies that have already become what they think they’re fighting against.

Yes, I said it.


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