America is under constant attack from within its own borders, so honestly enemies of this country can sit back and watch us tear ourselves down. Don’t agree? Wade into downtown Portland or many other cities from time to time and you might find yourself embroiled in what Antifa would label a call to arms or the need to stand against fascism and you might quickly change your mind. There are many problems with this group and those groups against which they stand, and one among them is that they affect people that don’t care a whit about their causes as they’re simply trying to get to and from work each day and must, for some reason, deal with those whose ideological issues seem to spill forth onto the streets and sidewalks, engulfing them in a storm of rhetoric and hatred that threatens the very way of life that some among each group claim to want to preserve.

Yes, some of these groups have some seriously flawed ideals and don’t represent many people. Yes, there are Trump supporters that would gladly clock an Antifa member just for the privilege. Unfortunately they’re rather justified in doing so since all too often Antifa comes prepared to fight, ready to throw down, and ready to silence those that are going to exercise their free right to speak.

Wait, wouldn’t that be fascism?

Wouldn’t it be fascist to deny someone the right that their country affords them when it comes to speaking their mind and making their thoughts known to the public? If you said yes it would and are still claiming Antifa then you might need a swift kick in the ass or a serious dose of reality.

While many of these groups are a bad joke Antifa is the worst of them all at this time since they practice what they fight against, thereby labeling themselves as one of the most hypocritical groups to ever exist. They bar people from walking through public places, they make assumptions about people if said people don’t ascribe to their beliefs, they try to shut people down when they decide to talk, they deny others their free speech yet will clamber to have their time to speak, they belittle and berate police officers but will cry the loudest for protection when they’re attacked, and best of all, they will act as victims when they come ready to instigate a fight.

In other words, they’re the bullies that start to cry when someone finally stands up to them.



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