May 23rd, 2019

Sunset Key, Florida

“I saw it! I did!”

She snorted as she always did, not believing him as usual. His big sister was the type that wouldn’t believe in anything unless she could see it and touch it to affirm it’s reality, but Evan had seen the gateway all the same. He could recall their grandfather, rest his soul, telling them about it when they were little, years before he passed, but Silvie had never believed anything the old man had said. It was widely rumored in their larger than average family that she had been born a cynic and would die a cynic not by choice, but because that was just the makeup of her DNA.

“You probably saw something that some dippy artist made underwater and left there for the gullible people to ogle at,” she said as she moved about the kitchen, preparing lunch for their three other siblings and their parents. At the moment the lot of them were elsewhere on the island they called home, either with friends or simply out and about as they always were. The lot of them would be heading to the mainland tomorrow to see other family members for a picnic, but as was usual for their average day they spent much of their time near home.

“Did you do your lessons for the day?” Silvie asked, raising her dark, feathered eyebrows at Evan as he rolled his eyes, “Just because we’re home-schooled doesn’t mean you get to swim with the fishes every time you need a study break.”

“Yes,” he said with a moan, turning away as he felt the insistent pull back towards the crystal blue waters beyond their home, “I did them and I checked them and they’re right and I did see it!”

“You saw what?”

The question was asked as their mother, who was still striking for being in her early sixties, stepped through the sliding glass door located just a few steps from the kitchen.

“I saw the Tomorrow Gate that Grandpa told us about,” Evan said before Silvie could ruin his moment.

His mother’s reaction wasn’t quite what they’d expected though.

(to be continued)

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