Are you ‘woke’? As in, have you let your guard down and realized that the world is filled with truths that we don’t get to escape, some of which people claim are fairy tales that we don’t want to wake from? Are you woke?

Bad things happen in this world, it’s a fact and it’s an inevitability. Why? Because we’re human, we’re different, we don’t always get along, and we don’t always play fair.

Is it right? Of course not, the act of harming another human being is never a fair or positive thing no matter the reason behind it.

Do we need to move on once the bad things happen? Yes, by all means we do. Moving forward is the only way to keep living, as staying in the past and bringing up the misdeeds of those that came before us is one of the surest ways to remain stuck in a present. Learn from the past, reflect on the past, but don’t live in it, as there’s nothing back there for us any longer.

Are you woke? Are you aware of the world around you? Or do you piss and moan about things that used to be, that happened before any of us were born? Many of those that lived under oppression throughout the last several centuries are owed a great deal of respect for what they had to endure. But their lives, their history, is an example of what not to do, not something to be used as justification that their descendants deserve something they didn’t earn.

Get that? You earn what you get in this world. Someone’s keeping it from you? Work harder. Someone won’t let you advance? Go around them. Those that cry that every last person in the world is against them, that one race in particular is keeping them down, are looking for an excuse that will keep them from taking responsibility for their own lives. You want equality? You want equity? Find a way to take it, to earn it, and to keep it. No one can drag you down better than you can.

Do bad things happen to people in this world? Yes, yes they certainly do. But do people in this day and age do anything but piss and moan when it comes to getting what they want? Unfortunately not as often as you would think.

You want to make a change in the world? You want real justice? Work your way into the system, stop pounding on the walls and screaming over the fence. Earn your way into the system you hate, and then change it. The system is easier to change when you manage to become a part of it without losing sight of who you are. Otherwise you’re not changing anything.

Are you really woke?


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