Does anyone get the idea that our nation has only been this divided a couple of times in the past since Democrats and Republicans have been at one another’s throats in a political sense? Everything that has happened since our country, OUR country mind you, was formed and gained our independence has been a giant mixture of horrible and wonderful, yet many people these days seem to focus only on the most horrible aspects that the nation was based upon.

Yes, slavery happened, it was real and absolutely horrible. Yes, the injustices committed against minorities and women did happen, and none of it was okay. But to drag those harmful days back to the present era and attempt to justify their own hardships in this manner is not only harmful to a unified future, but it is rather frustrating as well.

None of us born in the past few decades have been oppressed. None of those born in the past few decades are without the means to change their lives in one way or another. Those that blame the sins of the past are those that fail or refuse to look ahead to the future and what they can possibly do to alleviate any problems within their lives. They search for excuses so as not to be responsible for their own lives, and therefore follow the mob that has been formed throughout the years in an attempt to deal with ‘truths’ that are based largely upon emotion and less upon facts that are pertinent to the current era.

People want to talk about banning the free speech of those that they believe are harmful to others, yet they fail to recognize that their attempt to halt free speech makes them the fascists that they supposedly fight against. Folks want to condemn others for their privilege, but somehow neglect to realize that their own privilege allows them to do this. People want to deride and berate the police, but will be the first to call for their protection when they feel the need.

The hypocrisy that we live with in this day and age ignores the fact that we are Americans, and that no one is keeping us here. Many people openly said that they would leave the country if Trump was elected president. Well guess what? Like it or not, I know I don’t, but he is the current POTUS. So where are all the people that wanted to talk? Do your principles only matter when you want them to, or are you people of your word?

This is our home, for better or for worse. One man won’t destroy what it took so many to build. Learn it, study it, make your mind up to it. This is our home. If you don’t like it, there are many other places to go.


  1. Freedom of speech includes those that ARE INDEED facing oppression. I am not sure who you are w\or what part of the US you reside in, but as an American who has certainly faced oppression in the US (and since left the US), it is fair to say that we (who have faced oppression) have the right to speak on our oppression. Additionally, you have a lot to learn and it is obvious that you are under the age of 30. I agree that we should respect the police and be grateful for the GOOD ONES, but it is hard to tell the good from the bad in many parts of the US from the time I was born to now. Peace be onto you, friend. I pray that you see the Truth.

    1. You are indeed correct that the oppressed, in fact EVERYONE, has the right to speak. Thank you for contributing to my site despite the fact that you feel the need to make false assumptions, and you are correct, there are many good police attempting to do their jobs and it is hard to weed out the bad ones. However, condemning them all based on the bad ones is a dangerous over-generalization that alludes to the mob mentality that allows many to hold onto their prejudices concerning law enforcement and therefore taint many of their dealings with such individuals in the future. As for seeing truth, I do hope that one day you realize that truth is what you choose to believe, despite the fact that there is a fundamental base to work from that many have forgotten due to their personal experiences in the past.

  2. By the way, you said “our home”. I am assuming you are a first nation indigineous person or seminole black that has been on “turtle island” a.k.a. USA for the past 1200 years…. no, you are not. It is your home by rape and robbery. it is your home by the advantage and privilege of the deaths of many natives and the backs of slaves…and you still prosper on it calling it “your home”. If you want to prosper in a freelance writing career, you need to become more cultured. Nothing about your insensitive post is “wake” or “awakened” by any means. Your experiences with the police or white society do not speak as a whole for those who face the REMINDER of being a person of color EVERYDAY. Please seek more understanding…of wait,….you won’t. Your mind is made up. This comment may never even post on this website. But I will say this….you will see the Truth oneday and it will set you free. Meantime, keep living in your privileged , fairytale world that noone is going through oppression and everything is available to all. Peace to you.

    1. I did say ‘our home’ as those that are born here are, like it or not, Americans born and bred. This rape and robbery you speak of happened without a doubt. As to my culture, and my supposed privilege, which you and many others seem to enjoy thrusting into the face of anyone with an opinion, I have seen oppression and understand it is real, but I have also seen individuals rise above this oppression without their hands out asking for reparations from those that never harmed them in the first place. Holding anyone responsible for the sins of ancestors they’ve never met and would never willingly agree with when it comes to the treatment of others is a rather dangerous assumption that far too many people make. No one speaks for everyone, and if my words offended you, you had the right to simply move on and ignore me. My mind is indeed made up that this country is not perfect, that we have a president that is morally deficient, and that every person born to this country can call it their home. As to my privilege, I know very well our country isn’t perfect, but to assume that I believe we live in a fairy tale world is your hangup, not mine. So respectfully open your eyes and see past the doom and gloom that seems to pervade your experience. Have a good day.

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