Neither side seems to get it. The Republicans try to be the logical side, the people that are desperately trying to make people happy even as they’ve had to give ground recently, and yet they still strike out in their subtle, piercing ways that invoke and trigger those that stand against them again and again as they laugh and parade their orange-skinned POTUS up to the to podium and all around DC as a continual taunt. They do their best to instigate without instigating while attempting to make concrete sense out of the chaos that our country is currently by stating that the status quo is a-ok.

And then we get to the other side, the Democrats and all that seem to want to stand with them or at least stand against Trump. From the top level of the Democratic party down to the dregs, Antifa in other words, people that oppose Trump are not entirely wrong, but they are not nearly as close to being right as they want to believe. Want to know what the Republicans are doing right? They’re not acting like uncultured animals that have to destroy everything in sight.

Social Justice Warriors, Antifa, and even Black Lives Matter, as well as Patriot Prayers and any and every group that walks the streets, blocks the streets, attacks anyone that has a different ideal than they do, and basically make public nuisances of themselves are a ridiculous lot that operate on the mob mentality as they gather one follower after another that agrees not to think and instead consents to become a part of the maddening lump of humanity that exists to cause little more than evidence that humanity is in fact sliding down the evolutionary scale.

What happened to stand united or fall divided? Oh wait, without a Democratic president it falls apart since the tender little snowflakes melt when they don’t get their way. Oh yes, Republicans are the same in many regards, but Democrats, you’re seriously showing the world that you are more than willing to resort to a three-year old mentality the moment your views are challenged, congrats, now go change your Huggies.



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