Well, the picture should say that there are only two sexes but this was as close as I could find. If this triggers you then you might want to look away because the fact remains, as it has since humanity first came to recognize their existence, that there are TWO BIOLOGICAL SEXES. Yes, there are intersex individuals, but typically throughout history they’ve become one or the other as their dominant traits take hold. The only underlying truth is that no matter how ‘fluid’ you want your gender to be, your chromosomes and your genitalia don’t float along with your ideals.

That’d be kind of disturbing really.

The moment you’re born your sexual identity is noticed by the doctors that are there to bring you into the world, and almost never has it happened that someone was born without one set of equipment or the other. If they were then sexual identity would be the least of their problems. As it turns out however the day we’re born we’re granted our sex by nature, in fact we’re given this before we ever have to come naked and screaming into this world where things are supposed to make sense but rarely do.

And people want to say that they identify as this or that, a man or a woman no matter what their actually biological makeup is. That’s fine, that’s your right, but claiming that there are more than two sexes, apart from the atypical intersex individuals that still need to make a biological choice, is something akin to denying a part of what makes you human.

Those that defend this and firmly believe that there are uncounted genders and sexes are far too easy to insult as their fantasy, which they call reality, is so deeply-ingrained in their minds that one might find it difficult, perhaps impossible, to remind them that science has in fact identified that once a person is born male or female that doesn’t change no matter how much they try to alter what’s on the outside. So they identify as the opposite sex, great, that’s their choice and no one can speak against it.

But there are two sexes, two well-identified genders that have existed long before any of us here, and both history and science have supported it. The patriarchy has nothing to do with this, the system didn’t create this, nature did. If you’ve got beef, take it up with whoever decided that two was enough.


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