This world is getting crazier by the day and it seems as though it’s picking up speed. The issues that we face each and every day are getting to the point that we can’t live with one another largely because our ideals are so different and so opposed that simply speaking to one another tends to end in shouting and name-calling and is eventually reduced to physical altercations that do or do not involve the police.

Why though?

There are a lot of reasons, but among the most troubling at this point are those that are inspired by political issues. Feminism, hate speech, social justice warriors, Antifa, Patriot Prayer, and so on and so forth are missing the point of what it means to be human. There are those that mean well, that practice the idea of integrating ideas and seeking out compromise. But quite honestly those that fall in and practice the mob mentality and know little if anything about the true issue that is being represented have become a massive problem since too many of them have opinions that are only half-formed and are trained to spit half-formed rhetoric that fails in the face of any logical discourse.

In other words, they don’t know enough about the issues to argue in an intelligent manner, and those that believe they do are often those that simply don’t understand that they’re a broken record that keeps spouting the same thing over and over. Here are a few things that might trigger a few people, but they’re going to be said.

Antifa, you’re useless. You show up spoiling for a fight and in the process aggravate people more than anything and spit hateful rhetoric that you just barely understand. You cry racism and fascism but in truth you don’t seem to get the fact that you condemn people that have nothing to do with either issue. Your entire organization, which according to you isn’t organized at all, is a gang of thugs that cower behind masks and refuse to speak when others simply try to get your point of view.

Feminists, you’re not all wrong, but you’re not all right either. So we have an asshole for a president, there’s no argument against that. But we do have a president, and if you can’t respect the man, which is understandable, then at least respect the office. But also understand that equality is great, that it’s important, and that women should be treated equally. But it doesn’t mean you get all the benefits without the downsides. If you want to be treated equal to men, then you get the downsides of it as well, as you don’t get to cherry-pick from the things you wanted and things you don’t.

Patriot Prayer and social justice warriors, you get lumped into the same bin no matter if you like it or not, since you, along with Antifa, are highly disruptive and tend to annoy, trouble, and inconvenience those that have nothing to do with your misguided protests and have been caught in the middle or made to change their lives in order to simply avoid you and your moronic attempts to speak out against one another. You want to tear at one another? Fine. Do it somewhere that people that need to use the roads and parks you inhabit and use won’t have to listen to your incessant babbling about this or that.

You didn’t like this? Oh well, you read it, didn’t you?

Boom. That just happened.


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