Oh people, our world is split down the middle it seems, at least on some days. But at the same time many people insist that being in the middle is only for those that want to be torn apart by those that will condemn them for being complacent enough to not choose a side. In other words, if you’re not for one side or the other, there are plenty of people that are willing to assume you’re supporting the opposing side either through your silence or because you just don’t care.


The middle is, quite honestly, where people want to make a difference while still holding onto the things that work. It’s where those of us that exist in relative peace with one another are willing to move forward based on our differences and how we can find similarities that can offset them in an effort to make our society work. It’s where people go that want to live their lives rather than get triggered over the slightest insult or become enraged by the imagined slights that the world has offered them.

Bad things have happened in this world, bad things still happen, and there’s no denying that our history as human beings involves us doing horrible things to one another in the past and even now. But the middle is where you go to find a solution, while the right and the left are where you go in order to blame the other side for this or that without being willing to find a compromise of any sort. The left and the right are where a person can go to shed all responsibility for their own actions, decisions, and beliefs while condemning the other side for their lack of insight into their way of life.

You know what else the middle is for? We get to live our lives and laugh at the left and right as they try to make the world a better place in their own image, taking one step for every four or five that they fall back.

It’s damned hilarious some days.

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