Of course people have their own answers within their own parties. They have answers that make sense to them, and they have answers that leave them well-ensconced in their comfort zones. But what they don’t have is a universal answer that is good enough for everyone.


Our country is so divided by party that it’s become an us vs. them mentality that simply tears people apart and divides those that should by all means be working together to create a country that is at this point fraying at the seams and threatening to split apart entirely.

The Republicans that follow Trump (yes, there are those that are wondering how things got to this point) will speak all day about how Democrats are willing to simply let the country go to hell, to inspire those that are willing to find a public space and protest this or that, while the Democrats will respond with a vehement denial that anything the Republicans do is correct, that they practice hate speech, that the country is being run by a bully that spouts nonsense and hateful rhetoric that is going to bury the US at one point or another.

No side is willing to admit that there is a middle ground. To both sides the middle ground seems to be filled with cowards and those that refuse to commit because they either support the other side with their silence or are weak-minded individuals that would rather be quiet and let the world go to hell.

The middle-grounders are laughing at the parties however. We’re wondering when people will remember what it was like to be human, to respect one another and our different views, and to TALK, not yell at one another as we discuss ideas and not why we’re simply wrong in each other’s eyes.

Is that too hard?

Or is it too simple to remember in the whirling storm of complexities that’s been created?

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