Let’s put it this way, Antifa isn’t just another kind of evil that’s being gathered to combat an evil bigger evil. They most definitely think that Trump is evil, that fascism is evil, and that anything they’re opposed to is some level of evil or at least negative that they’re willing to march against, but one thing that seems to get lost in the endless marching and chanting that’s used to drown people out or intimidate them is that right now they’re making a lot of noise that doesn’t help absolutely everyone.

That’s right, I said it. Antifa might stand for something, without a doubt, but in some areas the groups that band together seem to have forgotten that they’re a preventative measure, not an impromptu gang out for a stroll to bust in the heads of a few alt-righters.

Also, the black might be used to unify them, to intimidate their ‘oppressors’ and even show their solidarity, but quite honestly those that wear the masks seem a bit cowardly. They don’t want to be taped, they don’t want to talk to proclaim just why they’re out there, and unfortunately some of them don’t have a single clue why they are. Many times when a person dares to approach an Antifa group a lot of the members will suddenly lose the ability to speak or even go so far as to charge forward like a maddened bull and demand that the person simply go away.

What’s that saying to people? What’s the point of protesting if you won’t talk? How does that get a message across? Antifa has a definite message, there’s no doubt of this: they’re going to shut down the free speech of those they don’t like so that they can have their say. In other words the hypocrisy is real. Those they’re going against might be bad and every bit as vile as people say, but unfortunately in this country they get to talk. That doesn’t mean everyone has to listen.

In Portland for instance, Antifa is little more than an annoyance as they clog the streets, they’ve caused property damage in the past, and they’ve inconvenienced more than just the opponents they’ve gone up against. Collateral damage, right? The price to pay for being in-between two warring factions and remaining undecided?


Antifa is at this point no better than the people they’re standing against, as they’ve allowed their agenda to spill over onto those that have nothing to do with the fight they wage against fascism.

It’s amusing at this point when Antifa members, who actively shout at and deride police officers that are trying to keep the peace during protests, will cry out for those same police to do something when one of their own is being so much as pushed aside so that the average person can get to work or simply make their way down the street.

Also, think about this. If they were successful, and they managed to defeat fascism, think about what would replace it. The side that’s victorious usually ends up becoming the system, then the flawed system, and then anti-fascists will have to own up to their hypocrisy one way or another.

In a war of political ideals such as that which is currently being waged, neither side is ever fully in the right, and in some cases they’re both firmly in the wrong.

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