There are so many definitions these days on what it means to be a man, but among them are those that others seem to think are non-negotiable and either are or aren’t the definitions of what a man should be. Well, speaking from a personal standpoint, because I won’t speak for anyone else, I’m a man for several reasons. Let’s count ’em down.

I’m not a hunter, but if pressed I can hunt and forage for food. Personally though I’d rather hit the market and see what’s there.

I don’t hike trails, climb mountains, or swim channels, but I’m physically fit enough to keep up with my kids and see to their well-being.

I don’t work outside the home, I do my work in a personal office that my kids constantly invade in an effort to spend time with me. I am a house husband by choice because daycare is too expensive.

I don’t seek out bar fights or other forms of violence to prove my superiority over others, mostly because the idea of any more jail time isn’t that appealing and I’m smart enough to know that caving in another guy’s face isn’t what I want to be remembered for.

I have an education and seek to use it. I appreciate and respect those that attend trade school since they’ve picked a path, but it’s not for me.

I can’t strip an engine down and then put it back together. Most days I figure it’s good enough that I can change my own oil, gas up my own rig and change out a tire if need be.

I don’t hold to the old ways of ‘being a man’ all the time largely because I was raised how to respect women for being more than a mother and housekeeper. My wife pays the mortgage and I pay the bills, and it works because we’re a TEAM.

I believe in violence but know how to temper it. If anyone happens to harm or even belittle my wife or kids however there’s a good chance that person will be hobbling away instead of walking.

I am a man, no matter what is said, because I know how to protect my own, I know how and when to be violent when the time comes, and at this point in life I have the wisdom to know better than to react in anger at any given time. Real men change throughout each era, and no matter what a ‘man’s man’ or a self-professed alpha says about being a man these days, the truth is that at the core of their being a man is a man when they take responsibility for the world that’s within their control. Anything else is just mindless posturing.

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