Let’s say first off that I don’t support what happened to Ford, and I don’t support ruining a person’s life, but this entire trial has been a giant farce that was geared towards making Ford look ridiculous on TV and affirm that Kavanaugh is still the man the Republican’s want to back even after showing that he has the temperament of an emotional two-year old. If you’ve seen a different trial then the chances are that you’re looking from one side or the other and not distancing yourself as many would like to from the moronic and very lopsided nature of the event that has garnered far too much publicity at this point.

But there are reasons why I love this show and one of the biggest is that John Oliver will go there continuously and he’ll give you the facts while doing it. The Old White Man’s club that continues to hold sway in Washington seems content to stick it to people by showing that as bad as Kavanaugh’s performance was, they’re still backing him and he’ll still be likely to sit on the bench after all this. Isn’t that just great? A grown man that disrespects senators and can’t answer a simple question without one clumsy evasion after another will be passing judgment on some of the biggest cases in the nation.

Oh how did we get so lucky? Note the sarcasm.


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