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Does the term “keys to the kingdom” mean anything to anyone these days? Genetics are a priceless commodity that we’re born with, we grow with, and determine what will happen to us in the years to come. Yet for all that our species has decided to meddle with genetics in ways that seem reprehensible to some and absolutely wonderful to others.

Let’s not mince words, the study of human genetics has yielded some great breakthroughs and has even shown us a bit more about ourselves than we would have known otherwise, but it’s also opened a dangerous door that some people should not be stepping through.

In terms of what genetic studies means for humanity, it can produce wonders that are simply breathtaking and quite possibly capable of saving our species from annihilating itself or allowing Mother Nature to do the job for us. But one thing that far too many people don’t seem to take into account is that Mother Nature is within the works no matter what we do. She’s the game-changer that will be in the background laughing as we attempt to reassemble or somehow fix the puzzle that was created so long ago.

Every creature on the face of this world is unique in their own way, but human beings seem to be the only ones that want to go against their nature when it’s discovered that they have the choice. Too often the debate over genetics has reared its ugly head in the past, and at this point as the search for a method to control our genes continues the expectations of what it means for our species is decidedly uncertain.


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