Vancouver, WA

May 31st, 2020

This would be her last day in the loop if she had anything to say about it. She’d been stewing over and over for countless days now since Amelia had kicked her and left her in this place. She almost hoped that she would be able to find the witch once she crossed over, especially considering that she had a bit of payback to exact. It didn’t seem fair in the depths of her mind, but she couldn’t give a damn about fair, she wanted out, and she wanted to let Amelia know just how pissed off she was.

It was childish, but she held onto it anyway.

Roxanne knew where the next door had appeared and she knew that accessing it would mean taking away from another person, this time someone she knew. But strange as it seemed she had no problem denying her parents, who were just starting to wake out of whatever effect the loop had forced upon so many. The door had appeared in the midst of their basement only a few days prior and for all she knew it would disappear soon if someone didn’t act on its presence. It should have been easy to just go right through, but something had kept her from doing so.

It wasn’t a sense of family, she had every hope that she would seem the on the other side, unchanged and yet still able to move forward rather than repeat the same actions over and over. It wasn’t morality, as she had let that fall to the wayside after what Amelia and Tony had done. But whatever it was she couldn’t explain it, as she’d known about the door for those few days and still hadn’t mustered up the courage to go through it.

Today was the day however, and as she made her way from her bedroom to the basement staircase she did her best to remain as quiet as possible, hoping that her parents wouldn’t notice her. Going into the basement wasn’t strange in any way, but it wasn’t part of the routine, and as she’d seen, if someone broke the routine then the whole system had revolve around it and things tended to get a bit, wonky.

As she made her way down the stairs however she remained unnoticed, until she came upon the doorway, where a single figure was standing in front of it, staring at the simple wooden structure as though unsure what to do next. Sighing inwardly Roxanne brought to bear the heavy object, a claw hammer taken from her father’s tools, as she approached.

“Hey,” he said in a calm voice as she swung, “That’s not for you.”

The End


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