This is a circus, nothing less. So Ford was attacked over thirty years ago? Okay, the trauma she felt is something that too many women have been going through to be comfortable with, but how real is her story? Oh yes, let the hate pour in as that sinks in, I dared to question a woman talking about her traumatized past and showed even an inkling of doubt. Why would I do such a thing?

Because that door was opened when the witch hunt of 2016 and then 2017 began. While many of the men that were taken to task during that time, let’s call the beginning of the Weinstein Scandal, were indeed guilty, there was at least a small percentage that were not, that were caught up in the storm that came about because women had decided to stand up and say something about it.

Fear of being exposed as liars, attention-seekers, and many other names that were far less complimentary kept a lot of women down, but the blowback that came years later was something that stormed through the nation on a wave of hatred disguised as activism. While it might have changed from hate into a positive attempt to get justice the idea of it is still burning in the throats of those that have been forced to swallow it.

And unfortunately for Ford the blowback wasn’t allowed to settle before she made her claim, thereby insuring that it would rise again and the bitterness caused would seek to consume her as much as it’s done to many others throughout the past couple of years.

Is she lying? Is Kavanaugh? At this point it seems that there’s something shady going on all around since the hearings have been little better than circus performances and the reaction of the people has been as virulent and varied as it was during the last election. Would you like to know why some people throw up their hands and ask “Who cares”?

Because the issue between men and women, the idea that men are able to dominate and get whatever they want, is all too real. Unfortunately the rise of women throughout the last many years has been in stiff opposition to this despite the claims that they want equality and nothing more. Women deserve to be seen as equal to men in many ways and as often as possible, meaning they should have their say and not be afraid to speak out when they need to. Yet for all that those in our nation still fall back to the same routines that have occurred for far too long.

Our system is broken people, and it has been for some time. The issue between Ford and Kavanaugh is just another bit of proof that Americans are willing to grab at anything and everything when it comes to making a big deal out of something. Her trauma seems all too real, and he seems far too shady to just look away.

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