Portland, OR
November 2nd, 2020

The gathering was supposed to be a friendly affair, but the animosity between certain parties was just barely being tempered by the flowing rivers of alcohol and polite conversation. Democrats and Republicans were typically able to coexist with one another in many different venues, but on election night it was something of a different matter when their views upon what would happen if their candidate won or lost would shift along with the polls as the votes kept coming in.

So far things weren’t looking good for the Republicans, and the Democrats in the room were loving it.

“It only makes sense,” Milton heard someone say, “The man was being backed by too many crooked investors and those that wanted to see a mouthpiece put in the White House, not an actual brain attached to a sensible mouth.”

Someone snorted, and Milton couldn’t help but roll his eyes as he took a pull from the whiskey he’d been nursing for the past ten minutes. He wanted to down it all and have another but he’d promised his wife that he wouldn’t be getting soused tonight, at least not until they got home after his ‘walking Cheetoh’ had lost. At this point he was going to be drinking himself into a stupor once they got home, as the flatscreen in Chad’s highrise condominium had been kept on to show the state of things as the votes were still being tallied.

“Not looking good, is it?” Chad said from his right. The man’s condo was simply lavish in the extreme, showing his own personal sense of taste as well as his need to throw his wealth in the face of those that managed to attend his little soirees now and again. Paintings from France, Italy, and other nations where he’d found influential artists to follow hung on the walls, rugs from China adorned the floors, and every bit of furniture in his home reeked of taste, and money.

“It’s looking as though the next four years will be run on revenge.”

Chad affected a look of mock hurt as he bumped Milton’s shoulder lightly, “Don’t be a sore loser buddy. And remember, you agreed to our deal, so no hedging.”

“I learned my lesson the last time,” Milton almost growled, “I get it.”

“Is that why your wife told me about the account you set up then?” Chad asked, sounding none too worried. Milton felt his jaw drop as he turned to look at Chad, who just shook his head.

“No worries Milt,” he said with a shark-like smile, “I kind of figured you would pull something like this, which is why I took out my own little bit of insurance.”

(to be continued)

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