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It’s too easy to feel disconnected to the world around us at times, and it’s especially easy to feel disconnected to the society in which we live. Some people go their whole lives without thinking it, while others will stop and pause at times in order to wonder at the feeling. Those that feel the disconnect and stop to ponder upon it however are typically those that realize just what it means. We were born into the wrong decade, the wrong century, perhaps even the wrong life. That is how it feels to some of us that don’t readily identify with the era we live in, or within the age group to which we were born.

Something is wrong with this place that we’ve inherited, that is how we feel. Something just doesn’t sit right, like a meal that your body simply didn’t like, it rests uneasily and doesn’t go away until something distracting comes along and makes you forget about it for a time.

But it’s still there, it’s always there. That feeling that you were born to a time and place you don’t understand, that no matter how hard you try to integrate into the world, you simply can’t find your footing or your place and must therefore make one for yourself that people simply don’t understand.

Some people might have been born too soon, ahead of their time, while others will cling to the ways of the past and the feelings that things should be much simpler than they’ve become. It’s a feeling that a lot of us share, and one that we don’t manage to rid ourselves of no matter how we integrate into the current era.

We were born ahead of or after our time, and it lingers no matter how we try to rid ourselves of it.


  1. I often feel that way! In many ways I feel like I would fit better in a previous era. I’m conservative, traditional, old-fashioned. I’ve always loved history, and maybe it’s because I want to live there. 😀

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