Vice News had a quick but interesting report covering the potential steel worker’s strike. Vice closed the segment asking if a strike were to happen would Trump take the side of the workers or the steel corporations. Due to Trump’s policies a great deal of money has flooded into the steel industry. Unfortunately this has not trickled down to the workers.

Steel workers feel like they are being cheated by the corporations they work for. The workers want to negotiate for better contracts but corporations are screwing over the workers, collecting record shattering profits while the workers wages don’t rise. If Trump sided with the corporations he would lose a lot of voters. Surprisingly though the billionaire was able to sell himself as the man of the people. However, Trump would lose the ‘man of the people’ voters if he sided against the workers in this scenario, especially if stood against Bernie Sanders.

The fate of Trump’s presidential campaign lies in the hands of the steel workers. I hope Trump does the right thing and backs the steel workers, but I truly do not know what move the man would make. I feel if Trump sides with the corporation he would have lost his trust with too many voters to win another election, but then again I could be wrong about that. If the steel strike does not happen Trump will be safe. It seems as though a steel strike is unlikely. Also, many of the steel workers are Trump supporters putting Trump in an obviously precarious position; side with the workers.

If Trump is too stupid to side with the workers he does not deserve to be president. If Trump does side with the workers then I am sure it could guarantee him a victory in the election but it won’t cause him to lose any support. In fact he could actually gain support by siding with the steel workers. Good luck to Trump’s administration, hope your guy answers one of the easiest challenges ever correctly, but it is not a guarantee. My bet is that Trump will ultimately do the obvious and side with the steel workers if a strike were to happen.

Predictions, I suck at these when it comes to football, so that’s I don’t why I make them in politics. I am surprised Yard Barker hasn’t taken down any of my articles. Then again I didn’t even know I wrote for Yard Barker until today, god damn I’m a mess, I’m high out of my mind. I need to sleep and stop thinking about politics, I am becoming more addicted to politics than alcohol. I think about politics single everyday,  and it is like watching a man hang onto a cliff, at any moment everything could fall off, but somehow the system is hanging on.

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