Vancouver, WA

May 31st, 2020

“We were almost out,” Amelia said, stirring a pot of stew that she had on the oven. Roxanne had decided to pay a visit to the family she’d cheated out of their opportunity at leaving what they called “the Loop”, and discover just what was really going on.

“And then you had to come along and-”

“Tony,” Amelia interrupted, looking at her husband where he was leaning against the nearby counter. Tony was a rather big man and looked like he could get good and angry if he wanted, but it was obvious that Amelia, small as she was compared to him, was the real voice of reason in this household.

“I’m sorry,” Roxanne said, “I didn’t know you were aware of what’s happening.”

“Oh, we’re still not entirely sure how or why we’re here, just like anyone else that’s finally woken up. All we do know is that getting out is possible, because we’ve seen it.”

“You saw someone get out?”

Tony nodded as Amelia fetched a cloth to wipe her hands on at that moment.

“One of our neighbors a block away stepped into a doorway that had no business existing where it did on his home. He never came back out.”

“The Ashbey’s?”

Amelia nodded this time, “He was aware of what was going on, and he found his way back to what we can only hope is the normal time continuum, or whatever you want to call it.”

“But how?”

This time Amelia shrugged, “The only thing we could figure out it that a doorway shows up every now and then where it’s not supposed to, and whoever goes through that doorway just doesn’t come back.”

“But that doesn’t mean-”

“We’re hoping it means getting back to a time where the days roll by like usual,” Tony almost growled. Amelia just looked at him as he turned away, walking off towards a different part of the house as he disappeared around a corner.

“This has been hard on Tony,” she said quietly, “He’s a man that loves order and reason, and at this point there’s little of that left.”

“You don’t know where the next door will be, do you?” Roxanne said.

“No,” Amelia replied, shaking her head, “But so far there have been two doors that appeared in this neighborhood within the last few cycles, so we’re hoping now that another one will show up eventually.”

(to be continued)

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