Portland, OR
November 2nd, 2020

“Hedging a few bets I see.”

Milton didn’t turn as he closed his eyes, rubbing at his temples with the heel of each hand as he tried and failed to block out the voice of his wife at that point. She was a firm Democrat, which irked him to no end, but she was also the woman he loved so leaving her had never been an option once she’d said “I do”. But right now he didn’t need to hear the type of talk she was likely to unload on him.

“Don’t start,” he said quietly, “Chad is already on my case and right now-”

“Right now your talking Cheetoh with the bad hairpiece is about to lose his ass,” she said in a playful tone, looking over his shoulder at the monitor he was staring pointedly at. “It’s a wonder that he hasn’t bothered to come out and spew some of his ridiculous rhetoric at this point, like how he’s always ‘winning’.”

“Honey, I’m about to lose a ton of respect and even social standing at my firm, so please just indulge me and don’t make it worse.”

“I wish I could say I’m sorry,” she said, rubbing his shoulders lightly with her thin, slightly-tapered fingers, “But I’m not.”

“Oh go away, please.”

She snorted, turning around as he turned in his seat to watch her leave. Her backside, one of her most alluring physical features, swayed as it always did as she called back to him.

“When you’re done staring at my ass don’t forget that Chad and Marcy are expecting us in about an hour.”

That killed whatever mood had almost been set as he turned back to the monitor, grumbling about something that she couldn’t hear as he pulled up the screen she’d seen just before he’d changed it upon hearing her enter the room. The blinking cursor next to the CONFIRM button seemed to mock him, as though daring him to push it, or not.

It took another moment, but he made his decisions.

(to be continued)

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