Too many people love to dwell on the past, to keep it close and let whatever happened back then take control and twist and turn them until it’s all they know since the present and the future are behind them. They’re looking backward, progressing forward without seeing where they’re going, and it’s one of the biggest mistakes that anyone could possibly make in their life. By living in the past and foregoing what’s happening in the present or what will happen in the future you’re missing out as you continue to go over the past, never able to change anything but somehow willing to relive the same moments again and again.

That’s not a life, it’s a memory that consumes a person, and it’s what keeps that person from seeing what might be a great life yet to come. There are many ways that we look to the past, but not all of them are healthy, just as many of them aren’t harmful.

Remembering loved ones is great, but many of us know what they’d say if they were still around.

I don’t know about you, but my grandfather might look at me as if I’d gone batty if I decided to sit around pining for him. Mourning the people we lose in this life is all well and good, it’s human and it’s natural. But taking the time to mourn them each and every day becomes an insult not only to their memory, but to the promise that they placed in us the day we were born, the day they first met us, or the day that they became an important part of our lives. That promise is that we’ll go on, and that we’ll keep their memory strong by LIVING, not by looking back and mourning.

Holding onto negative memories gives those that caused them power over your life.

It doesn’t matter if they’ve passed on, it doesn’t matter if you decided never to speak to them again, holding onto a negative memory of someone that did you wrong is self-defeating as it gives that person a power over you that they don’t deserve. People hurt one another constantly and don’t always apologize or even try to make things right. It’s difficult not to hold a grudge, but it’s far easier to live your life by letting go of the pain, the hurt, and the anger you hold towards someone else for something that happened in the past.

The past is a lesson, use it as such.

Whether you’ve had a good life, a bad life, or something in-between like so many others, the past is a lesson to learn from that teaches us what works in life and what doesn’t. We’ll all make mistakes now and again, that’s a given. We’re human and there’s no way around that from a genetic standpoint. But living in the past is a sure way to sacrifice the future, while keeping the past where it is and using it from time to time as a valuable tool is the way that people really go on living.

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