Vancouver, WA

May 31st, 2020

The thought that she’d kept another person, more than one actually, from escaping this strange time loop left her staring at the ceiling as she tried to go to sleep that night, wondering just what it would take to finally realize how to get out of this place and if there was anyone that would be willing to help her. She wasn’t about to go back to that house if she could avoid it, even if they didn’t remember her tomorrow, or the next reset, or whatever.

As it turned out however she didn’t need to wait.

“Roxy?” her mother called, sounding uncertain. This wasn’t standard for their usual evening, as her mother was usually in the kitchen reading a book and her father was glued to the TV watching one of his favorite shows. She felt apprehensive immediately, but also somehow excited.

“There’s someone at the door for you sweetheart,” her mother called, still sounding as though she didn’t quite understand what was going on. “Could you come here please?”

Making her way from her room she then felt her feet moving but didn’t really register her passage through the house until she reached the front door, which her mother opened to reveal the same couple whose house she’d broken into. Fear gripped her immediately as she tensed, but she held it together just long enough for the couple to speak.

“Hi Roxanne, my name’s Amelia and this is Tony,” the petite woman in front of her said with a smile, “We were looking around the neighborhood for a sitter for tomorrow evening and heard from a friend of a friend that you’d babysat for a little while.”

Her mother looked at her with a smile, nodding her understanding as she said “Ah, I’ll leave you two to it then.”

That raised a huge alarm in Roxanne’s mind, though as she turned back to the couple she saw their smiles fade just a bit as they watched her mother walk away. When she was out of sight the woman looked at her in a way that made Roxanne’s blood chill ever so slightly.

“Welcome to the Loop lady,” she said with a grin, “There’s a few things you ought to know.”

(to be continued)

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