Vancouver, WA

May 31st, 2020

She’d found something, but she wasn’t sure what it was yet. There was a door where there shouldn’t have been anything but a simple wall. Finding it hadn’t registered with her at first, but thinking about it now as she woke to another day the mere presence of such a mundane thing was more than strange, it was a small spark of hope that allowed her to keep believing that her theory was sound.

There was a way out of here.

The only problem was that she’d had to bail before the family dog and the family had come barreling down on her, escaping through the same back door she’d gone in through even as the dog had been hot on her heels. She’d had to use a few alleyways and little-used passages to give the dog the slip, but eventually she’d managed to find a way to ditch him completely by climbing a fence and finding a spot to hide until his owners came and retrieved him. They hadn’t bothered to go looking for the intruder at that point, simply taking their pet home thankfully, but she’d caught a snippet of what they’d said to each other thankfully.

“-think she saw it?”

“Doesn’t matter, it’ll be gone tomorrow.”

She hadn’t heard the rest of the conversation as she’d remained hidden beneath a stack of old, moldy cardboard boxes, but from the general tone it sounded as though they hadn’t been pleased. That had set her mind to wandering, and had even made her feel a bit guilty.

Had that door been their way out? Had she ruined it for them?

(to be continued)

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