Vancouver, WA

May 31st, 2020

Waking up the next day she did everything in an automatic fashion as her mind kept spinning, trying to find somewhere she hadn’t been, something she hadn’t done, and someone that she hadn’t noticed the day before. It was a metaphysical conundrum that threatened to make her head hurt as she thought about each place and what she’d already done or seen. Each time this happened however she did her best to veer off in another line of thought, something she might not have seen yet in her mind’s eye.

There were supposedly an infinite amount of ideas that could be constructed in the human mind, or so she hoped. If there were only a set number of ways that she could leave this place then she might have already exhausted most of them. She’d been as far as she could get from Vancouver in a day, and that included crossing state lines and going to the coast and back. She’d slept outside, she’d slept in different homes she’d found empty at the time, she’d even slept under a few bridges, but she didn’t want to do that any longer since others seemed to find those adequate spots to rest and they weren’t always the nicest folks.

Today she was going to try something she hadn’t tried yet, something that she had actually been too scared to try as of yet since it met forgetting a lot of her morals and going against everything she’d been taught. She was going to break and enter into a home that actually had people in it. Saying it in her head made it seem like a ridiculous and even juvenile act, but she’d done just about everything else and had come up with nothing. She’d picked out the home she wanted to break into and thankfully didn’t know the people, but knew just where they would be when she decided to break in.

The only trick would be getting back out before their Doberman decided to take note.

(to be continued)

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