Just bring it

So I’m a writer. That means a lot to me, it means that I have some skill with the written word, that I’ve a skill that a lot of people have but not everyone uses to the greatest extent. But it also means, like anyone that puts their heart and soul on the line, that there are detractors out there willing to stomp on what I love to do and call me a talentless hack……

Really? That’s all of you’ve got? Attacks on my writing, on my person, on my intelligence? That’s all the trolls have to offer? Those of you that sit behind your screen and get paid to hate on other writers and brag about making money hand over fist, that’s all you’ve got? Writers like myself get mocked for not making the big time, not selling my principles or screwing someone over just because I want to get paid. The words like ‘honor’ and ‘integrity’ are mocked because they don’t get a person paid.

Read the words above and you’ll know just how much I give a damn about your opinions.

You’ll know just how much I don’t care if you like me or not. I’ll write until the day my fingers don’t work, and even then the stories won’t end. You don’t like what I write? Fine, move on. You’ve got clothes that cost more than my car? That’s not really that hard, but hey, way to go. You’ve got more invested in this or that than I’ll ever see in a lifetime? Okay, and I’m supposed to care?

Trolls, your opinions are about as important to me as my writing is to you. We live in a world where it’s unfortunate that you do provide a service and get paid for being assholes, but at the same time it’s rather interesting back and forth battle to see who’s the more intelligent between the writer and the troll that wants to claim to be a writer while acting like a sellout for the fistful of dollars they get in return. Did that sound juvenile? Good, I wanted to make sure I was at your level so you could understand.

Now, if you’d like to voice your rebuttal, I mean if you feel the need, just remember…..

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