Vancouver, WA

May 31st, 2020

She went to ask about Mr. Ashbey that same day, only to hear the story that he’d gone to Seattle for a job once again, and the continuation of her theory was reborn. People could get out of this loop if they knew they were in it. How anyone got into one was kind of hard to explain and even understand but it seemed as though it was possible to get out. Why Mr. Ashbey hadn’t told her was hard to imagine, but he had to have found a way out, right?

But what if he hadn’t? What if there were people watching that didn’t want people to escape the loop?

No, no that way led to paranoia and she didn’t need to encourage it. She already felt like she was going nuts and that certainly wouldn’t help, not a single bit. Instead she wanted to believe that somewhere in this world, perhaps somewhere in her town, there was a way out, something she could do, something she could find, that would allow her to exit this damned loop for good. She didn’t know how long she’d been here but it was long enough. Any markings she made to pass the days wouldn’t be there in the morning, and even cutting herself or marking her body in some way wouldn’t help because she woke up the same person in the same body without a single mark on her.

She hadn’t tried the whole death ploy yet but it was largely because she was too chicken to take her own life, not because she hadn’t thought about the veracity of it. Plus, she really didn’t like pain so she’d have to find some way to-

No, nope, it wasn’t going to happen. But she had to find some way to test her theory, to see where it was that people went, those that weren’t in this town but had been when she’d first arrived. She had to find out how it happened and then discover just how or where she was supposed to go in order to make it stop. After all something or someone had put her here, that made it necessary to think that there was a way out.

She wasn’t good at quitting, but damned if this didn’t make her want to just lay down and never get up again, just to see if it would work.

(to be continued)

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