Either the bath salts have finally gotten to my head or my anger is truly justified. That  and the fact that some think Michael Avenatti, the Stormy Daniels lawyer, is a viable, leading candidate is depressing. Obviously Ben Shapiro is wrong to think that Avenatti is THE lead candidate, however a set of circumstances could arise where Avenatti is the Democratic Party candidate. Avenatti is a typical huckster lawyer and obvious opportunist whose political stances are either obvious, meaningless, not enough, stupid, or highly dangerous. 

He wants to discuss the denuclearization of Iran, a nation with no nuclear bombs, unless he means getting rid of Iran’s nuclear power plants. He only wants to decriminalize marijuana, while the legalization of cannabis is a proven success throughout the nation. His stance on education provides no solution as it simply says, “a kid’s zip code should not determine their future,”. So what education reform do you wish to enact to change that? Many of Avenatti’s proposed policies are empty of solutions including jobs, trade, and college affordability. All of Avenatti’s good ideas are stolen and everything is just a statement. It is as if he conjured up his policy plan in a single hour. To be fair this may be true, his policy plan is written on a word document posted to Twitter. 

This is not to say Fox calling him a “Creepy Porn Lawyer” is truly accurate. Avenatti is just as sleazy as a 70’s porn tape. Avenatti is a Hillary Clinton-style politician, planning to campaign on nothing but selling half measures and the popular opinions of others. I would be more on board with Avenatti if he wanted to legalize and regulate prostitution, but the lawyer of a porn star can’t even do that right. Avenatti has snaked his way into the political discussion and sadly, it might work. 

Avenatti is trying to sell himself to those that simply hate Trump for hatred’s sake. If made president he might be moronic enough to push us into accidental war with Russia or some other nuclear power. If Avenatti is president I’ll highly consider moving to Amsterdam so I can spend my days on shrooms at Dutch cafés, and I do not even like coffee. Kyle Kulinski is right, political discourse in America has fallen apart, it is nothing but nonsense shouting, accusations of sexual crimes, and straw-manning. It is difficult to run an efficient nation when that nation is controlled by corporations with citizens that elect inexperienced TV personalities. And don’t give me some Ronald Reagan horse shit, in the long term Reagan left us a failed war on drugs, a Nicaragua in shambles, and the start of America’s massive overspending. But he took out the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union would have fallen anyways since it was a superpower built on lies. 

I am supposed to be discussing Avenatti, but there is not much to say since his political career is created entirely off of mainstream media hype. Avenatti is a joke of a candidate that will get easily obliterated by a Bernie Sanders type candidate because issue for issue Justice Democrats beat boring Corporate Democrats like Avenatti. Enjoy the attention Avenatti, hopefully you’ll soon be as relevant in American politics as Martin O’Malley. But then again I am not the best at guessing, my Superbowl picks are almost always wrong.

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