Vancouver, WA

May 31st, 2020

She’d done all this before, and yet so many people didn’t seem to realize it. She’d seen the movie Groundhog Day and knew very well that a time loop like this should have been broken by now. She’s been out doing more things in one day than most people managed to get done in a month, and still it didn’t seem to be enough. Still she woke up every day at 5:30 am and had to go through the same routine.

The-SAME-routine. EVERY DAY.

She’d done the same thing she’d seen that old actor do and tried to make things go her way, and for the most part she’d had some entertaining days and some that would have made headlines across the nation, but each and every day she found herself back in her bed, her hair somehow stuffed in the corner of her pillowcase, and her blankets thrown over her head as she seemed to do during her sleep. Her mother had often told her that she found her in the weirdest positions when she came in to wake her up, and yet she’d never understood just what she did in her sleep that would cause this, or why she’d never woken up with aches and pains from having slept in such contorted positions.

But her eyes had snapped open again and again for so many days now that she’d lost count, always to the same position, always with the blankets over her head, and always with her mother telling her it was time to get up.

She was stuck in a time loop and she didn’t know how to get out. Every now and then however she’d seen a few people looking at her with what seemed like comprehension, as though they knew what was going on. When she tried to find them to ask them anything however they were gone, which had unnerved her most of all since everyone else acted in the same way, did the same things, and never once deviated from their course. Up until now she’d largely ignored these individual, thinking that they were perhaps an anomaly of each day that came about when she did something different.

But she’d found out that wasn’t the case in the last few days. Those people that were looking at her as though they understood something no one else did never came back. She could remember several of them by now and not once had she ever seen them again. It was as though by noticing them she had somehow changed something, causing them to disappear.

It was enough to make a person paranoid, but to be honest that was the least of her problems.

(to be continued)

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