Portland, OR

Jan. 23rd, 2019

The highway was a mess of cars, bodies, and twisted steel. Shattered glass littered the ground like thousands of sparkling diamonds, and the six lanes of traffic that had once been nearly stopped with the untold number of cars that traveled about at all hours of the day were now heaped together in the wake of this one little girl that strode among them, the force within her flinging people and automobiles about as though they were nothing more than toys to be cast aside.

And inside the demon was gloating, frolicking, and having a grand old time. Amaya felt the strain as it was still attempting to break free of that last hold that she had upon it, the last vestige of control that would not allow it to run amok. She could not hold on forever, but if she relinquished that hold it would bring forth more than just the demon. It would unleash something she did not want to think about again, a terrible burden that she’d kept stowed away for the past few years. It was a weapon that she would use at the last possible moment, if at all.

She had a secret that her mother had told her to keep, that had festered inside of her for nearly a year before her mother had taken her to a psychiatrist that had recommended a way to deal with the trauma she’d endured. His advice had been figurative at best, as even someone her age could understand, but she had taken it literally, burying the secret and all it contained with it, the rage, the betrayal, the hurt, and the utter disgust and desire for revenge, within the darkest recesses of her mind. She’d heard since that most people could not help but revisit the trauma they’d experienced in their lives, but she had kept hold of hers for some time now.

At this point however she was wondering just how much longer she would have to keep it in order to prevent the demon that had taken hold of her to run rampant throughout the city. She wasn’t doing a great job of stifling its efforts to create the maximum amount of carnage right now after all, but she had thought up something that might work, if she was willing to play along for a while. For a young woman of 12 years old she was still rather intelligent, and not just for her age.

She had a plan, but she had to make it quite a bit further yet. And there was no telling just how much more damage the demon would cause before she got there.

(to be continued)

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