Phoenix, AZ

May 25th, 2019

He drove to the spot where Edith had been when she’d first answered the phone, stopping just a few miles outside of town just north of Lake Pleasant. It was further than he would have thought Jess would have gone but thankfully there was no one at the lake today, which meant that what had to be done could be handled in privacy.

Stopping by the side of the road he signaled for the other man to do the same, looking all about for where Jess could be and wondering just how Edith had managed to get the drop on his friend, especially since he hadn’t been alone. As the other man came close he didn’t waste time though, this needed to be handled quickly since people did happen to come down this way now and again.

“Get her and come on.”

The other man didn’t bother asking questions or arguing over the best way to go about their job, he just did as he was told. That was good, that was what was needed right now. As they made their way down the steep embankment he wasn’t expecting to see anyone, but then disappointment was a constant thing at times, and as he saw the first individual he managed to see the second crouched behind a bush just a short ways off, aiming a rifle right at him.

“Wait!” Jess shouted, his voice hoarse as he waved the other off, “It’s not her, it’s Ty!”

The gunman relaxed, and that gave Tyrone the moment he needed to retrieve his own gun from the small of his back and put two rounds into the gunman, who collapsed instantly as his brains exited the back of his head in a fine red mist. Jess was quick to pull his own weapon and plug the man carrying Edith in the chest and then in the face, dropping him instantly as well. And then Tyrone did something that he knew Jess wasn’t expecting. He shot Jess twice, once in the hand and once in the gut. The gun flew from Jess’s fingers as he cried out in pain, collapsing to his knees as Tyrone approached.

Jess didn’t even bother to ask why as Ty came to stand a few feet from him, close enough to not miss but far enough that Jess couldn’t reach him.

“Didn’t fool you, did I?”

“Nope,” Tyrone replied, raising his gun as he shot Jess through left eye, silencing him for good.

He left soon after concealing the bodies behind a small hillock, his steps a little heavier as he made his way to the car. By the time he got home however he’d already managed to put it behind him.

God would never forgive him for these acts, but he’d made peace with that.

The End

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