Portland, OR

Jan. 23rd, 2019

Burning down the house, the voice within chimed, singing at high volume as Amaya walked along, each step she took feeling like an utter betrayal of everything that had been done for her, all that had been sacrificed to try and free her of this horrible possession. The demon exulted in it, reveled in the carnage, and would stay at bay so long as she allowed it to channel the power it wielded through her, setting one house after another ablaze just by touching them. How powerful the demon really was escaped her grasp at this point, but one thing she knew was how to keep it contained. Not even the demon knew what that hold was, but it didn’t care so long as it was allowed to destroy, to end life where it saw fit.

Her aunt and her uncle were dead, consumed in the blaze she had started in their home. She had spared her uncle the pain of being devoured by the flames by allowing the demon to simply snap his neck, using her hands, like a toothpick. The horrible crunch was still loud in her ears as her uncle had fallen to the floor, his neck twisted at a horrible angle. After that it had been a blessing to set the house alight and leave shortly after, but she had not meant for what was now becoming a widespread inferno to happen.

Stopping the demon at this point however was not feasible. It was all she could do to just hold on. The flock of crows that attended her on the porch circled high overhead, cawing every now and then as though in approval of the chaos that was being displayed. People had run screaming from their homes, some of them stained with soot and some of them gasping for air as the sirens of fire trucks rang loud in the air, the long red vehicles coming into view only a short time later. They would have been her end if she’d let them.

If the demon had let them.

But instead they had been stopped, or rather folded almost in two like empty beer cans as the power of the demon had unfurled again, halting the mighty trucks in their tracks and actually forcing them back with a horrendous squall of buckling, rending metal and the terrified screams of those within as the rolling savior had turned into the twisted and tortured death trap. The entire length of the sturdy and unimaginably strong ladders attached to the top of each truck, three in all, had buckled as though made of tin, folding in on themselves as Azazel’s power had continued to flow outward, striking them all in equal and horrible fashion.

And still she didn’t try to stop it, wouldn’t even bother as she had the demon by the tail so to speak. She wouldn’t all the creature to slaughter those that were running for their lives as it wanted to, and deep down she could feel the confusion and consternation of the thing. It wondered how she could hold it so easily, how a mere girl could possibly contain its essence without succumbing entirely.

There was a secret she’d buried nearly three years ago within the depths of her mind however, one that not even the demon could access.

Right now it was all that was keeping her from giving in.

(to be continued)


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