Phoenix, AZ

May 25th, 2019

The plan had changed a little, not much, but just enough that he was now sitting within sight of Edith and Jackie’s home, where the signal to Jess’s phone had been headed when he’d looked just a few minutes ago. It hadn’t taken much for his driver to take the first exit possible and on back the way they’d come, especially considering that the couple didn’t live too far away from his own home. But Tyrone wasn’t about to be dumb enough to wait on the front porch for Edith to find him. She didn’t know this car, and since there were usually enough cars parked up and down the dingy little street where they lived, one more wouldn’t stand out.

“That her?” the driver asked. Tyrone just nodded, not saying anything as he pulled out the rifle, the sound suppressor already attached and the scope dialed in. He’d made sure of this only a minute before by aiming at the front door of their home. Jackie was at work and Jamie was at school, Edith would be coming to an empty house, and what was even better was that Jess’s phone had a thumb print lock that wouldn’t allow anyone to access his phone. He’d even disengaged the emergency feature that would allow someone to dial 911, which was illegal of course but still possible. So as Edith stepped out of the Ford Explorer that had just pulled up the drive it was with some satisfaction that Tyrone saw her pull out a phone that she proceeded to fiddle with before tossing it on the seat in disgust.

“Damn, that’s one ugly-ass woman,” the drive said.

“She’s a transgender,” Tyrone said idly, looking through the scope as he sighted in on Edith’s back. A heart shot would be possible from this angle, as would a head shot, but he needed something that wouldn’t cause as much of a mess. So a heart shot it was. No sooner had he decided than he pulled trigger, watching the woman in the distance stiffen and then drop like a stone as he quickly stowed the rifle.

“Go get her,” he said to the driver, “Stow her in the truck and then follow me.”

“I know the drill,” the drive said with a grunt as he exited the vehicle.

Tyrone slid over into the driver’s seat, wondering if the man knew exactly what the drill was, and what had to happen next.

(to be concluded)


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