Portland, OR

Jan. 23rd, 2019

She lies. She resents you. She wants you out of her house.

Amaya closed her eyes as he looked away, almost certain of what she would see once she opened them again. As she peeked she did indeed see another crow circling with the others, each of them cawing as they continued to fly about.

“That’s damned peculiar,” Aunt Mae said, looking up at the crows as they continued their aerial maneuvers.

You are a burden to her, the voice inside whispered, she will betray you when you are not looking. 

Amaya took a deep breath, which Aunt Mae noticed right away unfortunately.

“Are you all right sweetie?” she asked.

Amaya didn’t answer right away, but instead felt compelled to lift her left hand in a beckoning gesture as she looked up at the crows again. Another had joined their number, and as she and Mae watched another joined, and another. Aunt Mae’s jaw dropped as, in unison, they circled and began to come closer, winging towards the porch again as though called by something that she couldn’t see or understand.

“Let’s go inside and have our snack kiddo,” she said, trying to sound unafraid and failing miserably. Amaya could hear the tremble in her voice, could smell the fear pouring out of her as Aunt Mae attempted to pull Amaya after her.

“No,” Amaya whispered, entranced now by the feathered forms as they came ever closer.

“Amaya come on,” Mae urged, grabbing her by her right arm as she tried to get her to move.

“I said no,” Amaya said more forcefully, raising her right hand and placing it firmly upon Aunt Mae’s chest, barely thrusting the woman away. What happened however was what started the chaos to come. No sooner had her palm connected with Aunt Mae, she saw within the woman’s heart that she was indeed thought to be a burden, that Aunt Mae thought that Amaya should have been put into a home by now and made the ward of someone else rather than continue to trouble her poor mother.

Anger threatened to well up in Maya, but it faded just as quickly as the force that dwelt within her made the choice of what to do for her, infusing her with enough power to make her feeble shove into a hammering force that slammed Aunt Mae hard enough to send her flying backwards and into the sliding glass door, where the added force of her momentum shattered the door entirely and forced her inside.

The crows began to land upon the deck railings and the roof of the house, ringing Amaya as she sat, turning to look back at her aunt as she lay sprawled and motionless upon the kitchen floor beyond. As she saw her uncle come racing to her aunt’s aid her eyes began to glow a dark, crimson red, the demon inside aching to come out despite her continued refusal.

For now, it was enough.

(to be continued)

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